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Schooled in Diversity Action Research

Schooled in Diversity Action Research

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Student and African-American Alumni Collaboration for School Change

Tyson-Mason Paper,  2005-2006
Pat Macpherson, Action Research Coordinator
Darryl J. Ford, Editor
Prepared for publication by Irene McHenry, Sarah Sweeney-Denham, Nancy Adess

This volume includes analysis of multicultural change as recounted through alumni interviews from two Quaker schools in the first fifty years since desegregation. In addition, Guidelines to engage in action research around racial change in other school communities are provided for teachers and administrators. This publication serves as a companion to the Council’s Schooled in Diversity: Readings on Racial Diversity in Friends Schools. 

Editorial Review, Friends Journal, November 2006:

"Schooled in Diversity Action Research is a must-read for educators, parents, administrators, and anyone who has a concern for the ongoing task of healing racism...The power of this work is in the integration of sound research methods: interviews and personal narratives from the schools and students, telling their history as well as the hidden stories of the schools; and the formulation of a working tool, the curriculum, that can be taught or implemented in other settings...The Action Research Model is self-reflective by nature...To conduct this research in schools is the epitome of social change. Not only are the students and families impacted by the results, the institution implements changes in policy and process...

There is something in this book that will resonate with anyone who reads it, as it tells a very human story that connects in some way with all of our experiences... There are detailed guidelines for how to replicate this process... While it is intended as a tool to continuously improve the experience of diversity in Quaker schools, this text offers to us all the opportunity to examine the complexity of the human connection, and the power of a spirited process."